Hi there, lovely to meet you.

I’m Coco, a designer based in San Francisco around the world. Taking sojourns in different cities has been a part of my self-taught Master's in Modern Humanity.

I write, sketch, but spend most of my time musing on future of living, including building a city in Africa, researching on coliving for women, and designing interiors for friends.

Most recently, I built a Third Place for strangers to connect.

Previously, I led design at a crypto startup, crafted web experiences at LFL@Google, and built brand partnerships at LINE; you can find some of my work here.

On the weekends, you'll find me traversing around different neighborhoods on bikes or public transit, staring at beautiful architecture, collecting ideas on building a dream home.

Always love to meet like-minded friends. Reach me @cocobliu or drop me a note at cococoliu@gmail.com.