Interior architecture /

Allied art center

Allied Art Center is a concept for a creative learning center combining coworking space with art, music, and dance classes. The space highlights a central common area that encourages spontaneous encounters amongst students.

Space planning

The project started with space planning based on the requirements of each space (art class, kitchen, meeting rooms, etc) to ensure that there will be enough square footage allocated to accommodate each use.

Floor plan

Given the footprint of the existing building, I chose to open up the center of the building into an open-air atrium.
The majority of classes occupy the first floor, while the majority of the second floor is reserved as the living quarters for the owners.

Sketches & visualization

Upon entering the Allied Art Center, one sees a cafe on the left; the space in front then opens up to the central atrium with a seated staircase as a centerpiece. The area double functions as an event/learning space for students.