Architecture competition /

Treehouse module

Collaborating with an architect friend to enter an architecture competition has been one of the most rewarding pandemic project.

We've named this project "Let’s Play" — it is an assemble of playful modules.​ We break away from the mental schema that spaces should be placed under a single roof, Instead, the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom each has its own module connected via suspended pathways.

Conceptual sketches

The project called for a treehouse accommodation complex in rural France.

I love starting every project with sketching by hand.
These ideas are inspired by what I've seen in the past, stored in my subconscious; they're also dreamy visions of the future. It's a process that allows my imagination to run wild.

Below are a few snapshots of my sketches, the original is sort of a mess.

I focused on the idea of channeling our inner childhood beginning with our fond memories of climbing play structures as a child.

Every transition and turn of corner presents a new opportunity for surprise and imagination. Thus, our design emphasizes on the vertical transition between spaces, while keeping the architectual style of rural France.

Spatial studies

I then modeled out the concept in sketchup to explore the spatial relationships, and to think in 3D.

I think it's important to design the interior along with the exterior.

Design board