Socialhaus /

Your city’s living room

In 2019, I founded a company of my own at the intersection of real estate and community. I’ve always believed in the interplay between the physical and digital world, and built an experience that spoke to both worlds.

Socialhaus is a place dedicated to the gathering of friendly strangers, an inviting alternative to a bar, and a Third Place beyond home and office. It is a place where you will spontaneously walk in, and meet over coffee, tea, and board games those whom you otherwise would never have met.



In designing for the logo mark, I thought about what feelings I wanted the logo to convey and brainstormed for ways to represent the idea of home and comfort, while embracing the ideals of being fun and playful.

The final logo illustrates a butterfly wing, signifying the idea of “social butterfly”. The logo also depicts the side profile of a woman conversing, as the brand values quality conversation as well as inclusivity.


The Lato typeface is used across the board, with occasional instances of Roboto Condensed headers.

Web design

The goal of the website is to introduce the brand with visiting the space in person as the primary call to action. On every page, we showcased candid photography that we took onsite during our events. We also made a brand video.

Pitch deck

As part of the fundraising process, I put together a pitch deck to illustrate problem, opportunity, traction, etc.